Can't Take My Eyes Off You

by Frankie Valli (remake by Lauryn Hill)

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My History of Pop / Rock Music project will be on the remake of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Lauryn Hill. It was originally sung by Frankie Valli in 1964. This song has been remade by many other talented artist but Lauryn Hill’s version is my favorite. In this project, I will be going over the history of Lauryn Hill, information on the lyrics of the song and my personal opinion of the song.

History of the Artist

Lauryn Noelle Hill was born in South Orange, New Jersey on May 26,1975. She is a hip hop and R&B artist. She has 5 children with her long-time boyfriend, Rohan Marley and 2 with other partners. She was the first woman or hip hop artist to win 5 Grammys. She Many of her songs have messages of social equality, peace and loving one another. As well as being an extremely talented singer, Lauryn Hill is also a songwriter, producer, activist, and actor. She was a part of the popular rap group called The Fugees, which won 2 Grammys.

Song Lyrics

Pardon the way that I stare.

There's nothing else to compare.

The sight of you leaves me weak.

There are no words left to speak.

But if you feel like I feel.

Please let me know that it's real.

You're just too good to be true.

Can't take my eyes off of you

In these lyrics, it is basically saying that someone is so irresistible that you can't help but act weirdly in front of them. They stare, they become speechless and completely The message of this song is describing what it's like to truly fall in love with someone. The lyrics are so real in describings these feelings. Love is love in 1964 and in 1998 and from then on, love will always be love. And as long as there is love, this song will always be relatable. Real people feel this way when they’re in love.

Personal Opinion

I love this song because it has so much soul in it. I love Lauryn Hill's raspy voice and it just transitions this song from being plain to adding a new flare to the original song. It's a new feel to a classic. Its also so real in the way that they explain what love feels like. The song is written realistically, even in 1964 when it is sung by Frankie Valli. I would recommend others to listen to this song to inspire them to make new and creative versions of all kinds of different songs. No matter what genre the song is, you can always put your own little twist on it.


Altogether it is a wonderfully written song and the remake is even better. Lauryn Hill completely transforms this song about old-time love and makes it to be modern R&B love story. Many other artists do well remaking and covering this song, but Lauryn Hill’s rendition has to be one one of the most popular. I love many of her songs, but this has to my favorite. I encourage others to listen and fall in love with it as I did.