Ethical Research Infographic

by: Alyssia Aguilar-Franco

How to find a good website

Ask yourself, what makes the author an expert, do they have a degree or do they work with an organization(.org) or is it from a .edu that means it was made from? Does it have proper grammar, correct punctuation, and good word choice.

What to look for in a credible website

Was it wrote for a particular audience, for example if the website is simplified and is easier for kids to understand it was probably wrote for a younger audience, or if it's really complicated, and well described, it might be meant for older people. Is it easy to access, because if it's easy to access it will be better to find information.

Research Questions

A research question helps with research because it's the topic you want to find information about. Make sure that it's not to specific so you don't enough information for the topic, or to brood so you find to much information. Good research questions start off with how, or why, you want to be careful with ones that start with what because they can usually finish with one word.