By Carson Whitney and Julie Bussen

Opening paragraph

Pregnancy is very exciting and scary time. But just think within 9 months you will have a baby of your own. In this blog you will learn about care, nutrition, risks, and each of the trimesters of pregnancy.


  • Each meal you are eating for two.
  • Eat an additional 300 calories per day.
  • You should gain 25-30 pounds.
  • Avoid eating fish, eggs, and under cooked meat.


Too young

  • High blood pressure
  • Pre-term labor
  • Low birth weight
  • In some cases not enough support from family and friends

Too old

  • Higher risk of birth defects
  • Exposed to more toxins
  • Higher risk of delivery problems


  • Try to have minimal stress
  • Have a good support group
  • Helps to have accommodating boss


  1. Death (Baby, Mother, or both)
  2. Miscarriage
  3. Pre-mature birth

First trimester of pregnany

  • Structure and organ systems develop in the baby
  • The mother experiences nausea, morning sickness, and fatigue
  • 0-13 weeks

Second trimester of pregnancy

  • Baby starts moving
  • Can determine the gender of the baby
  • Mother sees a "Baby bump"
  • The mother starts having better sleep patterns and she has an increased energy level
  • 14-26 weeks

Third and final trimester of pregnancy

  • Baby grows rapidly and lungs mature
  • Mother becomes noticeably bigger and rounder on her stomach
  • The mother has shortness of breath and sleeping problems
  • 27-40 weeks

Personal story

When I was pregnant I was very scared but very excited at the same time. Around the first trimester I noticed that in the morning I would feel very sick but I found out it was very common in pregnant women. By the second trimester I noticed I had a little bump on my stomach called a baby bump. I also noticed that every few hours I would feel the baby kick. The first time I felt a kick I was very excited. I was also very worried I would have a miscarriage or something wrong with the baby. But, I just stayed positive and ate what I was supposed to eat and just stayed healthy. By the third trimester I was anxious to have my baby and I noticed that I had shortness of breath and fatigue. But I didn't care I was just excited for my baby. Then, a couple weeks later I had a healthy baby boy.

Discussion questions

  • What do you think it is important to have minimal stress during pregnancy?
  • Why should pregnant moms avoid eating uncooked meat?
  • Why would it be unhealthy to gain too much weight during pregnancy?