Elm Class Update

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This week in the Elm class (as told by Elm students)

Now we have been making fresh water, coasts, forests and wetlands in Project Time.

We are making models, like gravel... using materials and glueing .

We will have new shares... starting in February. (Shawn will send out the calendar on Monday).

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Visitors from the New Victory Theater.

Second graders imagined the white cloth to be anything they wanted-- wind, capes, blankets for picnics, tents, etc. You can to engage in such imaginative play with simple materials at home too.

Project Time this week

Our model of Brooklyn in the 1600s is taking form! Water, hills, trees, and other plants are being created! We hope to finish this coming week! We are beginning to delve more into learning about the Lenape who inhabited the area at that time. Our focus will be on how this society used the natural resources around them to survive and thrive.


This week we spent time on reading assessments so we can see how students have grown as readers in second grade.

We also looked at clues that show us how to read a text. As a class we shared a story from Mouse and Mole and practiced changing how we read when we come to one of these clues.

When reading together at home, you can point out when you come across features such as dialogue or special text and how these features tell you to read with emotion or emphasis.

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As mathematicians, the Elm class has continued to focus on subtraction strategies and the use of facts and friendly numbers to solve problems efficiently. For instance, the most efficienct way to solve 38-32 is to find the difference by counting up from 32 or counting back from 38 rather than taking away the entire 32. Beginning to understand this relationship between addition and subtraction is a huge leap for mathematical understanding!


This week, we focused writing time on working to produce multiple narrative stories. In the coming weeks students will be selecting stories to revise, edit, and publish. We are looking forward to sharing these stories with you soon.

You can continue to remind your child of notable events in their daily life that they might want to write about. Our upcoming February shares may be a great opportunity for your child to rehearse a story and share it with the class.


This week the second graders were busy creating and exploring.

February Shares

We are looking forward to another round of students shares. Shawn will send out the February Calendar on Monday.