William H. Armstrong

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by Denzel Johnson

Plot outline

Exposition: Setting georgia, boy,father,sounder,mother,the school teacher TE". The setting is georgia because in the book it says the ground is frozen I research about when it is winter there it said the ground freezes their.

Rising action:The boy's fathers goes to jail sounder gets shoot by the police because he was growling and chasing after the police wagon. TE".sounder raced after the wagon the police officer aimed his shot gun and fired.

Climax: The boy's father is sent to jail and sent to hard labor the boy goes looking for his dad but the father is sent to plantation to plantation.sounder is badly hurt his leg and half of his body and face is blown off.

TE".Some of Sounder's skin was off,one of his eye was missing.

Falling action: The boy's father comes back the boy's father dies then sounder dies. they buried his father and sounder

TE". They buried his father in the unfenced lot behind the meetin' house.

Resolution: His problem was he wanted his dad to come back To solve his problem he had to wait.

TE".His father came back to the house.

Protagonist: The boy is the main character because he does the most stuff and they talk about him in the book

Antagonist: The bad people are the police,the mean jail worker,and the guy under the oak tree watching the slaves work.

Facts:There was slavery going on. People from Africa were getting kidnapped to work in america. The slave ships were gross there was blood,waste,and rats.

The first slaves were brought to Williamsburg for sale.

It was hard for the boy the people were really mean to him like the guy under the oak tree laugh at him because his hands got smash and were bleeding. African Americans were treated wrong you were only treated right if you live in the parts where Africans were free or if you were rich.