Political Media Bias

Political Media Bias Obscures the Individual's Right to Vote

Political Media Bias: Conservative vs Liberal

  • Occurs when conservative ideas have influence on the coverage or selection of news stories.
  • Includes networks NewsMax, WorldNetDaily, and Fox News
  • Studies show that more than 70% of what conservative media covers, attacks the Democratic candidate, glorifying the Republican candidate.


  • When liberal ideas have influence on the coverage or selection of news stories.
  • Includes networks ABC, NBC, and CBS
  • Surveys conclude that these broadcast network journalists are Democratic voters who reflected their attitudes and opinions on a number of controversial topics, swaying the audience in the liberal/democratic direction.

The Government Is a Swindler! A Fraud! A Cheater!

Mainstreaming and the Election

  • The media focuses in on one candidate of the election.
  • People generally tune in to the news channel that broadcasts what they want to hear from the candidate that corresponds with their political party. The Individual's opinions are clouded as the media fails to cover both sides of the story.
  • The viewers are not given a balanced presentation.
  • Our preconceived perceptions harden and become unchangeable, therefore, we are not willing to consider to alternate ideas.

Does Your Vote Reflect Your Opinion and Values?

Sensationalism- We Work For The Government

  • A biased media fails to monitor our elected officials. When the news opts for sensationalism, entertainment and/or opinion, rather than grinding out the hard facts, it’s easier for politicians to manipulate the message.
  • Transparency and accountability are lost.
  • The news channels lack investigative reporting, covering up dishonest politicians, as they chose to report certain facts and leave others left out.

Separate Media from the Individual!

Clean Up Dirty Politicians!

Our Voting Behavior is Being Altered

Media is altering our voting behavior and therefore, the political outcome in uncertain. Separating the media from the individual allows our citizens to vote with a clear head and be properly presented with all the correct facts to both sides of the story. Know before you decide. Society is headed in the right direction to exposing dirty politicians and demanding all the facts from the media. Don't get left behind! Don't be the only one who continues to be a puppet to the government! Cut ties to political media bias!

"We believe in a Democracy," stated by Abraham Lincoln "By the people, for the people." Society and the government itself doesn't fully understand what it means to be a democracy. The government is having the media censor particular information during the election to manipulate the individual for voting for a certain party. Your vote may not accurately reflect you beliefs if society feeds into the garbage presented to them through political media bias.

In reality, the political media bias has gotten out of hand and diminished the true meaning of a democracy and our right to vote. If the media continues to abuse it's power and refuses to report the truth, they control the polls and soon the government will eventually control and operate every aspect of society's lives! We are on the verge of communism!

It's the Citizens Right to Vote, Not the Government's