Battle of Jutland

By Jordan & Alyssa

Jutland Battle

The battle of Jutland between British Naval forces and German Naval forces. The battle took place off of Denmark's North Sea. Involving over 250 ships and 100,000 men only lasted a day, starting on the evening of May 31st and ending on June 1st. This was the only sea battle of World War One because the British beat the Germans so bad that the Germans didn't have a Navy for the rest of World War One.

Battle Information

The Number of Troops for Britain; 151 combat ships

The Number of Troops for Germany; 99 combat ships

The Number of Causalities for Britain; 6,094

The Number of Causalities for for Germany; 2,551

Generals & Map of The Battle Sight

Technology Used in the Battle of Jutland

Jutland was a Naval battle so the technology used was heavy armored ships, known as battle ships. More specifically the type of ships used were battle ships, battle cruisers, armored cruisers, & light cruisers.

Tour Information

The main city you can stay in to get the most information is in North Jutland off the coast of Denamark. Places to stay include Radisson Blu at 129 dollars a night with a rating of four stars, Best Western Plus Hotel Kronjylland at 118 dollars a night, or there's Prinsen Hotel at 86 dollars a night with a rating of 3 stars. Some places to eat are La Laconda (Italian dining), Hos Isidor Henius (Danish dining) & Cafe Staehr for coffee, french & seafood.


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