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Action Items

  • This week: We're painting! Plan clothes accordingly!
  • This week: Presentations are impromptu . . . unless you and your child just really enjoy preparing one ahead of time, and then you can pick your own topic. :-)
  • This week: Afternoon extracurriculars re-start and there's been a time change (more below)
  • This week: Volunteer sign-up rotations change for the second half of the year. Check the Rallyhood site under "Sign-ups" and "Weekly Service (Wks 13-24)" if you need to refresh your memory!
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A Couple of Community Needs

  1. Do you have a rolling pin we could borrow for art this week? It's not for anything super messy. :-) We'll be crushing chalk folded in a piece of paper and using a rolling pin has worked best in my trial runs. Having a few more would just speed things up in art.
  2. Can you help in the afternoons? We need an additional parent (or two) who might be available some or all of the afternoons this semester to move children from one activity to another and to keep an eye on the ones playing Legos. If you could do this, please let me know!

Afternoon Extracurriculars

We've had a time change, folks!

Jo Apple's music group will meet at 1:00.

Nick Zapton's Tae Kwon Do class will meet at 2:00.

A couple of notes about each:

  • Mrs. Jo would appreciate if a parent or two could remain in there with her just to help with crowd control. She's excited (and it's got me excited!) and looking forward to having a wonderful time with the kiddos!
  • Parents can pay Mr. Zapton for this upcoming semester at the beginning of class on Wednesday. Cost is the same as last semester.

Coming Up!

  1. Drama: On Monday, January 11, Marshmelodrama Productions, which is led by Diane Cater, will begin auditions for two upcoming productions. Honk Jr. will be performed by younger students (grades 1-6) and Mary Poppins will be performed by older students (grades 7-12). She's also looking for strong older elementary (4th-6th grades) performers for the roles of the Jane and Michael Banks. Audition videos are required for those roles. More information on the Marshmelodrama website.
  2. Field Trip: On Tuesday, January 26 at 10:15, we have a block of 48 seats reserved for the Young People's Concert at the Schermerhorn. This one is targeted at 3rd and 4th graders, but will have a MUCH broader appeal. It's a performance of Aaron Copeland's Rodeo. I love Aaron Copeland and think his is some of the most approachable Classical Music out there. As a family, we went to formal performance of this piece by the symphony 2 years ago. Greeley was 5, so please don't be intimidated by the targeted age range for the production. These concerts are an excellent way to see a symphony performance with young children. If you'd like to attend, please go to the Rallyhood Calendar and click on the performance to RSVP. The symphony provides curriculum to accompany these performances. You don't need to use it, but you can if you like. Access to it is here. There is a playlist with each lesson plan. For streaming access to those, you can go to and login using this information:

    Username: NashvilleYPC

    Password: NashvilleYPC

  3. Field Trip: On February 11, we have seats reserved for another Young People's Concert. This one is about woodwinds and will dovetail BEAUTIFULLY with our upcoming weeks of Orchestra, which we start on February 24. More about this concert to come, but mark your calendars!
  4. Registration: Registration for CC 2016-2017. CC Corporate has not yet released the registration forms for next year, so we're going to hold off on starting registration for a week or two. However, please keep in mind that once we open registration, we'll only have 2-4 weeks to register existing CC families before we open any remaining openings to new families.
  5. Standardized Testing: If you're interested in this, we'll be offering it at our location April 19-21. Registration is not yet open, but I'll let you know when it is. You can also spread the word, since you aren't required to be in a CC Community to take advantage of CC's standardized testing. More info to come!


Please remember to post photos in the "Gallery" on Rallyhood, so we'll have a great selection for our yearbook and end of the year slideshow. You can do this via the web or the Rallyhood app.
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