Islam Wold Herald

A Study on Islam

Origin of Islam

The Islam religion originated in the Middle East in 700 C.E. Islam. The religion was started based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad as surrender to Allah, the creator of all things. Many Muslims live in developing countries and work in fields. Children are taught about Islam from birth and are taught the faith through watching their parents. Once the child is old enough they will start to take part in the washing and praying rituals. The children are expected to know their religion as well as an adult by the age of thirteen. The Muslims bury their dead because in the Islam religion they believe that they will live again in their body at the time of resurrection.

Principles of Islam

The Islam religion is a monotheistic religion. Islam ranks as the 2nd largest religion. Allah, the deity worshiped by Muslims, is the same god as the Christians and Jews worship. Muhammad is the founder of the Islam religion and he had a very humbling relationship with his Lord were he gave his total submission to Allah. Muhammad's relationship with Allah was the relationship every worshiper of Allah should have with their lord.

The holy books are the writings of people that the Muslims think were gifted to be one of God's prophets. The Islam religion teaches that the relationship between Allah and man is like a relationship between a father and son.

The Five Pillars of Islam are acts that are considered to be mandatory for Muslim believers. The first of the Five Pillars are Shahadah, were you believe that there is only one god and Muhammad is God's messenger. The second is Salat, a prayer ritual that is done five times a day. The third Pillar is Sawm, which is done during the month of Ramadan and is acted out by fasting. The fourth is Zakat, which is giving 2.5% of your savings to the poor or needy. The fifth and final Pillar is Hajj, which is a journey to Mecca, a holy city.


The founder of the Islam religion is Muhammad. The original language of Islam is Arabic. The Islam religion ranks second in the world with one point three billion followers. Islam is most prominent in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. There is two major branches of Islam that is the Sunni branch and the Shiite branch. The Islam holy scripts come from the Qur'an. The Muslims do not believe that Jesus died, but ascended into heaven while a disciple died in his place. The Muslims also don't believe that Jesus was resurrected since he did not die.


In Christianity the founders and early leaders of the religion consist of Jesus, Peter, and Paul. The original languages of Christianity is Aramaic and Greek. Christianity ranks number one in religion with two billion followers and is most popular in Europe, North America, and South America. There are three major branches and they are Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. The Christians get their scripts and beliefs from the bible. It is said in Christianity that Jesus died and was resurrected to relieve us from our sins. Christians meet in churches, chapels, cathedrals, basilica, and meeting halls and have their day of worship on Sunday.


There is around fourteen million Jews worldwide. Judaism is ranked at 12th largest religion in the world and popular in the USA, Israel, and Europe. The Jewish religion is split into to main parts, Reform and Orthodox. Jews get their holy scripts from the bible and hold their worship day on Saturday in a synagogue. The original language of Judaism is Hebrew. There is two names for the God that the Jews follow and they are Yahweh and Elohim. The Jews also believe that Jesus is a false prophet and was born through normal conception.


In Hinduism they worship there god Brahman every day at dawn, noon, and dusk. They also worship their god in temples. The original language is Sanskrit. The Hinduism population is one billion. Hindus believe in reincarnation and that if you are good in life then you will be re-birthed further up the food chain. The religious law of Hinduism is Dharam shastras.


There are about six point three million followers of Confucianism. The founder of Confucianism is Confucius a.k.a. Kong Fuzi. Confucianism is a pantheistic and believe in the afterlife. The sacred text is the Analects. Authority figures consist of philosophers and politicians.


The founder of Taoism was a Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. The script of Taoism is a book called Tao Te Ching which was written by Lao Tzu. There are three major types of beliefs, the first is Tao which is the way of life, the second is keeping the virtue of non competition, and the last is the Yin Yang. Taoism is also ethnic.


Some of the things that the Islam religion and Christianity has in common is that they both believe in the virgin birth of Jesus and the second coming of Jesus. Both religions also believe in eternal Hell and eternal paradise or Heaven. The Muslims and Christians also believe in angels and demons, the Muslims also believe in jinn which are a form of ghost or demons on Earth.

There are many things the Islam religion and Judaism has in common like both religions only have one God. They also deny the resurrection of Jesus and both believe in eternal afterlife.

Both Islam and Hinduism is both believe in messengers of God like angels. The Islam religion and Hinduism believe in eternal paradise.

Some of the things that Islam and Confucianism have in common is that they have zero recruitment methods, they believe in the eternal after life, and they believe in the existence of their deity.

Both the Islam and Taoism religions rely heavily on holy text, both centering on peace and harmony. Islam and Taoism also believe in submission to God.