By Vincent Boka

The book is mainly about a boy's survival story. Brian Robeson is going to visit his father in a small plane that crashes. He is alone in the wilderness and he is roaming around to find food and water. He encounters many obstacles such as, injuring himself, being without food for many days. However he did end up finding the courage to go out and look for food. He becomes a stronger individual throughout the story. His resources are limited. He had to use his best judgment for utilizing his resources. Brian used the hatchet to make sparks to crate a flame. He also used the hatchet to create a fish spear to hunt food. Brian didn't want to use up all of the wood because it was used for heating and keeping warm. Also the fire was used as a signal to tell the pilots of the rescue aircraft to help him.

Theme: Learning To Take Care Of Yourself

Character Description: Brian

Brian is a 13 year old boy who is adventurous in the wild. He is intelligent because he can read aircraft computers and gauges. He can also keep himself healthy while he is in the wild for several days. He is the only character described in the story.


The setting is in a wilderness in Canada by a lake.

Conflict and Resolution

The conflict is based on the environment. Brian is involved in a airplane crash. Also, the pilot is dead. To get out of the plane Brian has to break the plane's window open in order to escape the airplane. Brian needs to learn how to manage to keep himself in good health until a rescue plane comes to find him. Brian's shelter was a cave where he had slept and lived. He finds his way into a part of the plane that was in the bottom of the lake after a storm hit. Brian happened to find an emergency transmitter in the tail of the plane. A rescue plane picks up the signal of the transmitter and Brian is saved.

Information About The Author

Gary Paulsen is an American author who writes for young people about the wilderness. He has a whole series of books based on Hatchet. He was born on May 17, 1939.
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