Roman City Life

By: Noah


The Romans lived in city's called Castra. Castra started with two major streets the carto Maximus and the deku manis Maximus with a forum in center. Many smaller streets were staged in a grid style and surrounded by fortified wall with guards an a port cullis or fortified gate.
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Parts of Castra

Castra were divided in to three parts the Latera, the Pratentura or stretching towards the front, and the Retentura or leaning towards the back. The Latera is were barracks and homes were along with the forum and the food stores. In the Pratentura were the businesses and in the Rtentura was the gold and treasure stores
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Jobs and Life

Many Romans rose early and the morning and went to work after a light breakfast. Roman jobs consisted of farmers soldiers and craftsmen of many different sorts. Roman work days were short usually ending in the very early afternoon. Most people went to the bath houses directly after work and then attended a very early dinner at 3 pm. Afterward would be social and religious activitys.