Marcos Rodriguez

The Capital City of Afghanistan is Kabul

the Population of Afghanistan is 31,138,077 As if 2014

physical features

The highest mountain is 24,557 feet high


  • North Kazakhstan
  • East Pakistan
  • South Pakistan
  • West Iran


  1. Genghis Khan and his army conquered Afghanistan in 1219
  2. Western Afghanistan under the rule of Persian Safavid dynasty in 1500
  3. Genghis Khan and his mongol armies destroyed irrigation systems in Afghanistan turning fertile farm land into deserts.
  4. The first Afghan government is established under King Ahmad Shah Durrani.

People & places

  1. The pashtans live mainly in the Southern and eastern parts of Afghanistan.
  2. Afghanistan has no access to the sea.
  3. It is divided into 3 main regions: The Northern plains, The central mountains, and The Southern Plateau.
  4. Sandstorms are common in this area.


  1. The National sport of Afghanistan is goat grabbing.
  2. By age of 10, many young Afghans take an adult responsibilities.
  3. Afghan traditionally eat their meals sitting on the floors.
  4. they also donate a portion of the lamb to the poor.


  1. The country is divided into 34 provides
  2. All citizens age 18 and older can vote.
  3. Very Few Afghans own their own cars.
  4. Afghans mine are rich and Cole, salt, sliver

Your choice

  1. Dancing has been a popular pastime in Afghanistan.
  2. The dance can go for hours, sometimes until dawn.
  3. They often performed during national and religious celebrations.