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Principal's Message

We had another great week in TigerLand! As I walked around the building and visited classrooms, it was once again great to see all of the awesome things going on at SMS. Students were dissecting pigs on Tuesday, receiving awards on Thursday, and showing what they learned through review on Friday.

The recent temperatures may not feel like spring is truly here, but Spring testing has always made everyone feel that the year's end is on the horizon. We will have a faculty meeting on Tuesday to share the testing schedule. Student Growth exams will be administered on Thursday and Friday. We will use the data from these exams to guide our responsive next steps in addressing any major areas of concerns before the SC Ready test. Even more than the SC Ready test, we need to simply be sure that our students receive all that they are due to learn this school year.

This week, while observing various classrooms, I specifically looked for the areas of concern that were noted during our Instructional Rounds. I looked for rigor, assessment-like checking for understanding and referencing of the daily objective throughout the lesson. It was clearly evident that for the classes that I visited, these areas of concern have been addressed and are a part of every day teaching and learning. Kudos to you! I will continue to make rounds this week and expect to have the same findings. I am glad that we had the opportunity to have Instructional Rounds at SMS as it has allowed us to develop a shared understanding of what high-qualilty instruction should look like.

Have a wonderful week

Nicole Jones

To do list

1. Be a Champion for your students. Teach like one as well.

2. Update your gradebook and make contact with students who are failing.

3. Give extra assistance to underperforming students.

4. Attend Faculty meeting on Tuesday.

5. Be "Thankful"

Exceptional Education

Please check your calendar for invitations from Ms. Boan for yearly Special Education reviews. Also, please be sure that you are following all accommodations for students with Individualized Education Plans.

Read to Succeed

Ms. Taylor, along with the Reading committee have been working on SMS' Read to Succeed plan to be aligned with the new Read to Succeed Legislation. We will discuss this in our Faculty meeting on Tuesday so that everyone is well informed.