Summer Plans

By: MacKenzie Weaver

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I'm going to my dads farm in Cambridge Nebraska during most of the summer. I will be going with my brother named Kaden. We will visit my mom about every two weeks or something like that. We will watch games and stuff at the Cambridge school.

Bible Study Volunteering

During the summer when I come back to my moms house I will be helping the little kids at bible study. Me and some of my friends will be helping kids from babies to 5th grade age students.

Swimming At Pool

I like to go to the town swimming pool because I like to see my friends that I don't get to see during the school year.
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I will be mowing at my dads farm, moms house, sisters, and my brothers. Its one of my chores to do during the summer. I enjoy to do it because I get to listen to music while I mow.

Swimming At Lake

My dads is by a camp ground. We have permission to go swimming there. We swing off ropes into the water, slide off boat dock slides, jump on water trampolines, and swim in their area.


I will baby sit my sisters, Deatta, children. She has two sons. A four year old named Dakota and a three year old whose name is Dalton. She has a one and a half year old daughter who is Alayna. I will watch them when she needs me to.
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