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Week at a glance

Monday, January 20

Martin Luther King - Holiday

Tuesday, January 21

English 9/10 Cohort

Wednesday, January 22

Learning Walk - Administrators, Counselors, Psychologists, any teacher on prep is welcome to join

Last day to nominate a teacher for Teacher of the Year

Thursday, January 23

Administrator's meeting - Elaine off campus 8:30 - 12:30

Friday, January 24

Chemistry/Physics Cohort

Vote #1 Teacher of the Year (to shrink the candidate pool to the top 3)

College Readiness Skill - Analysis January 14 - February 18, 2014

The breaking down of informational materials into their component parts, examining (and trying to understand the organizational structure of) such information to develop divergent conclusions by identifying motives or causes, making inferences, and/or finding evidence to support generalizations.

Useful Verbs - analyze, break down, correlate, diagram, differentiate, discriminate, infer, outline, prioritize, subdivide, distinguish, examine, compare, contrast, investigate, categorize, separate, advertise.

Internalized Habits of MInd

Build Intellectual Perseverance

  • Promote the value of a strong work ethic
  • Cultivate sustained effort through repeated practice

Develop Metacognition

  • Encourage thinking about the quality of one's own and others' thought processes
  • Practice intellectual humility
  • Become comfortable with the discomfort of ambiguity

Create Intellectual Curiosity and Rigorous Engagement

  • Foster a desire to know
  • Require inquiry and investigation

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WASC Update

What we've done so far:

Home groups have reviewed Chapter 1 (Student/Community Profile-Data and Findings)

Focus groups have worked on addressing critical needs and strengths and discussed the mission of school and the objectives. Last Monday, each Focus Group looked at the objectives of the school and worked on developing 2 or additional objectives. The 3 objectives we currently have are the following:

  1. 100% of the students will exist their grade level "on-track" for a four year college or university.
  2. Each student will progressively learn to be fully responsible for his or her academic progress and success.
  3. Each student will develop the necessary academic literacy skills to support lifelong learning and become a productive ethical member of the community.

Lights out!

SUHSD is the recipient of SDG&E Energy Champion Award for K-12 schools and now that we have the solar panels we should develop energy-minded habits to reduce our energy consumption even further.

Before you leave your classroom at the end of the day, did you?

  • Turn off your computer, monitor, and speakers
  • Turn off your your projector and docucam
  • Turn your classroom lights off?

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Cluster Sub

Jesse Matias will be Olympian's Cluster Sub for second semester. Before requesting a substitute please check with Norma. We will have a binder set up so you can place yourself on his calendar.


Food for thought to think about Intellectual Curiosity in the classroom!