Tech-KNOW-ology Notes

March 2015

Site-Based PLP Training

Spring forward with technology! Check out the upcoming PLP training sessions that I am offering. Each session will be one hour long. We will meet in the Computer Lab. Use My Learning Plan to sign up for each class.

ClassFlow by Promethean - Monday, March 30

ClassFlow is a web-based teaching tool. You can upload flipcharts that you already use. ClassFlow allows you to send the flipchart lessons to student iPads where the each student is able to interact with the page at the same time. ClassFlow also allows you to assess your students. Come check out the newest teacher tool by Promethean.

Promethean ClassFlow

Kahoot! - Monday, April 20

Kahoot! is fun, fast paced and engaging. Kahoot! is an online gaming site that allows you to create your own review games or informal assessments. Kahoot! would be a fun and engaging way to review for SOL tests.


Do You Need a Brain Break?

Go Noodle is a site that features Brain Break activities and videos. It's a free site and you will need to sign up for an account if you want to use the site. Go Noodle provides you with ready to use videos and activities for your students. The next time your students need a brain break...try out Go Noodle!

Taking Care of Our Equipment

Please familiarize yourself with our equipment checkout and use policies. We are having a problem with equipment, such as laptops, being removed from carts without being signed out and returned. In order to keep our equipment ready to use, it is important that you take care of the equipment and report any issues to the CRS by submitting an ETT Service Request. Sticking a Post-It note on a laptop and returning it to the cart is not reporting the issue. The CRS never sees the Post-It and never knows that there is a problem.

Procedures & Policies for Using School Equipment

  • Check out all equipment BEFORE using it. The Equipment Checkout Calendars are on the Teacher Portal.
  • Once you are finished, return equipment carts to their "home" classroom. This information is on the Equipment Checkout Calendars.
  • NEVER pull a laptop off a cart wtihout signing it out. We have to know where each and every laptop is at all times.
  • All laptops must be returned to the cart and plugged in.
  • Please keep laptop carts neat and organized. It's not fair to leave a messy cart for the next class to have to fix.
  • iPad carts MUST be returned to the LMC at the end of the day. They can not stay in classrooms over night for security reasons.

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Using Social Media to Connect & Share Resources

it's time to get connected. I have a couple of social media sites that I've created to enable me to share resources and ideas about instructional technology and curriculum with other teachers. Take a moment to check out my social media sites and LIKE them so that you can receive notification when I add new resources.

Technology at the Beach Facebook Page

Fara's Pinterest site

@TechatBeach Instagram account

Twitter @ftfaust

SOL Training Plan for Teachers & Students in Grades 3-5

It's time to begin to prepare for SOL Online Testing. In the Winter issue of my newsletter, I shared the student and teacher training schedule. I wanted to share it once more to be sure everyone is familiar with the schedule and what teachers and students need to do. Please review the schedule (link below) and familiarize yourself with the tasks. I'll be glad to answer questions or review TestNav with any teacher.

SOL Training Plan for Students & Teachers

Cooke School SOL Resource Page

Websites to Check Out

Contact Information

To schedule lessons or collaboration meetings, please check out my Doodle scheduling page.