Percussion Stuff!

Today - October 11, 2015

What's Going On?

To finish out this week:

Tuesday: Marching Rehearsal 2:30 -5:30 pm

Wednesday: Marching Rehearsal 5:30 - 8:30 pm

Thursday: Early Release at 12:30; Parent Teacher Conferences 1-4, 5-8. First, I thought last week since Chris and I were taken up by conferences, we would not have rehearsal. WRONG! Students need to be here by 2:30 to get equipment and go to the practice field for rehearsal with Mr. Hamilton, Rob and Chrissy. Also, I will not be here past 6:15 pm. Since I am only part time at the high school, I do not have to be at conferences the whole time. If you cannot make it to conferences, please feel free to email me regarding what you wanted to conference about.

Friday: Marchers will have a short rehearsal after school and then leave for Blue Springs MO. They will need to come to school with an overnight bag with toiletries, black socks, marching shoes, Freedom shirts, bows for the pit, wrist bands, polos, khakis, street shoes, money for dinner and a lunch and homework. We can store those bags in the drum room and band room.

Saturday: Blue Springs Golden Regiment Marching Invitational. We perform at 10:30 am. If we make finals, we will stay to perform and come home after finals. We should be home around 2:30 am. If we do not make finals, we will come home after pre-lims (at least that's the last I heard). That would put us home around 10:30 pm. Be sure to check Spirit Notes for specifics regarding this trip.

Next week, Oct. 5-11

Monday, Oct. 5: Marching Rehearsal 2:30-5:30 pm

Tuesday, Oct. 6: Marching Rehearsal 2:30-5:30 pm

Wednesday, Oct. 7: Delayed Start--2nd block starts at 9:35 am; Marching Rehearsal 5:30-8:30 pm.

Thursday, Oct. 8: Marching Rehearsal 2:30-5:30 pm

Friday, Oct. 9: Marchers leave for Tulsa OK at 11:30 am. Students should be getting a form to show their teachers soon.

Saturday, Oct. 10: Tulsa Union Renegade Review; performance time is 12:30 pm. Details coming soon.

Sunday, Oct. 11: Marchers come home from Tulsa

Long Range Planning:

10/12: No school/no rehearsal

10/13: Marching Rehearsal

10/14: Homecoming Pep Rally/Marching Rehearsal

10/15: Marching Rehearsal

10/16: BOA St. Louis/Homecoming Football Game/Registration Deadline for students wishing to audition for the St. Louis All-Suburban Band

10/17: Homecoming Dance

Blue Springs Golden Regiment Marching Invitational

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 9pm to Sunday, Oct. 4th, 2:30am

2000 Northwest Ashton Drive

Blue Springs, MO

Blue Springs Golden Regiment Invitational

Saturday, October 3, 2015

9:45 AM—Visual Warm-up time.

10:00 AM—Music Warm-up time.

10:15 AM—Report time

10:30 AM—Performance.

After the performance we’ll go back to the buses and change. Awards aren’t until 4:30 PM. Gonna be a long day.

4:30 PM—Together for awards. If we make finals, they begin at 7:00 pm. We could warm-up as early as 5:45 PM.

In Class Expectations

To finish this week:

We are rehearsing Glitzville E - F; doing a hack through of Ruslan and Ludmilla and will start Declaration Overture on Wednesday.

Recordings are due on Friday of: Mercury Rising 36 - 46 and Chipboard 14-28.

Theory due this week is Theta #8 and #9

Oct. 5-9:

Sight Reading for the week is 1e& and E Major scale. We will also pull out Fanfare to work on musicianship. The students have taken a "pre-test" on it where they performed it without any instruction on the piece. Now we have to directly teach it and then take a "summative" evaluation on it. That will be announced later. This week we will work on M. 1-8.

In class, we will be rehearsing the pieces we have so far for the South Area Band Concert on Dec. 15:

Glitzville F - G

Ruslan and Ludmilla top - A and

Declaration Overture B - D

Recordings need to be made of Mercury Rising 46-50 and Chipboard 28-46. Do the recordings on Movenote.

On Thursday, Theta #10 and the Grand Staff Drill and the Grand Staff Challenge is due and Theta #11, Keyboard Drill and Keyboard Challenge is assigned. Details are in our Google Classroom. For Theta assignments, be sure you log-in and check out the page with the lesson for the game. Use the assignments in your student console to click on the games. This ensures I get the notification that you have completed the game. For the Drills and Challenges, be sure you take a screen shot of your results page and get that to me so I can give you credit. This is called documentation and will be needed for the rest of your life.

College Info

Be sure to check the website every so often. We get a lot of information about colleges and auditions for scholarships. You do not have to major in music to participate or even get scholarships sometimes.

Go here: for information on colleges. Also on the website is extra credit opportunites, camps and opportunites for high school students and current accomplishments.