News from Mrs. Priebe's 4th grade class



Thursday, Nov. 14th, 6-7pm

406 Cottonwood Street

Norfolk, NE

Join us for an hour of reading and fun! Remember to RSVP your pizza slices! (Bright yellow note sent home on Friday) Hope to see you there! We will be sharing about the online component of our new reading program, Wonders!


Jefferson PTO has blessed us again! The students and teachers will be enjoying a whole day of scientific discovery on Thursday, December 19th! The science day will be full of hands-on learning experiments for our students!

Click here to learn more about the science day brought to us by the Strategic Air and Space Museum! THANK YOU JEFFERSON PTO!!

Pictured below ... the students are experimenting with Newton's 3 Laws of Motion.


Tuesday, Dec. 10th, 7pm

801 Riverside Boulevard

Norfolk, NE

All are invited to attend Jefferson's Music Program at the Johnny Carson Theater on Tuesday, December 10th. Doors open at 6:30. It will be an entertaining night! Please come and support our children for their hard work!


The students are doing a fantastic job completing their weekly homework. Each day the students are assigned 30 math problems in class. As the math concepts get more difficult the students might be bringing home more homework. Please assist your child with any questions they might have on their daily work.

Here are the lessons we will cover this week:

Monday - Investigation 4B - Decimals

Tuesday - Lesson 41 - Subtracting Across Zero

Wednesday - Lesson 42 - Rounding Numbers to Estimate

Thursday - Lesson 43 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Friday - Test 7

Also, please encourage a few minutes of daily math fact practice! IXL.com is a fantastic website to sharpen those skills!

Spelling Homework

In your child's planner you will find their weekly spelling "menu" board. The students need to refer to this document to complete their daily spelling homework. Each student completes 4 spelling activities a week. Their spelling test is on Friday.

Spelling List - Unit 2 Week 5

This week's spelling words are all words with suffixes (Unit 2 - Week 5). Encourage daily practice and be sure to check your child's planner for spelling homework. Also, take advantage of SpellingCity ... great resource and makes studying for spelling fun!

Spelling 2-5

1. sickly

2. hardly

3. quickly

4. slowly

5. carefully

6. wonderful

7. beautiful

8. graceful

9. spoonful

10. darkness

11. shapeless

12. ageless

13. illness

14. goodness

15. spotless

16. painless

17. weakness

18. darkest

19. clearest

20. thoughtful


This week's Panther Club winner is Nayla!

Nayla has become our AR (Accelerated Reader) Queen! She's been reading like crazy! Nayla has over 15 points for the 2nd Quarter.

Nayla is also a good friend. She's kind, caring, and extremely helpful.


Fourth Grade Resources

I created this LiveBinder this summer for my new fourth grade scholars! This binder is full of helpful websites and tools to assist your child. It's similar to a virtual live bookmarking website. I update the binder often! Enjoy!

My Fourth Grade Resource - Live Binder


Don't forget to check out Jefferson Elementary on the Panther Project website!

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Our classroom is on Twitter! Please join us in the Twitterverse! All you need to do is sign up with Twitter, enter a “tweet”, then find us and request to follow our class. @grade4priebe Send me an email with your username so I know to accept your request to follow. It is that easy!