TCH 401 Epiphany of Learning

Day One

On day one of this class, I felt very overwhelmed. There just seemed to be so much to do in such a little amount of time. The first assignment, "Technology Self-Analysis" made me realize that I had a lot left to learn about incorporating technology into my classroom. It also made me realize that this class could be very beneficial to me.

In the Beginning...

That first assignment led me to Emaze, an easy to use presentation tool. It was similar to PowerPoint which I frequently use in class. It allows you to create, manage, and share presentations and has cool effects like 3D animations and video backgrounds to "jazz" up presentations. It was a pretty good tool, one that I thought I might return to, but realistically, I knew I would probably fall back in to the familiarity of PowerPoint.

Classroom Website

For our classroom website, I chose to use WIX due to the recommendation of a coworker. I was not excited for this project as I already have a classroom website that I use. My current classroom site is just a place to list homework assignments and upload resources. After logging on to WIX, I was pretty excited. There were so many different ways to make the website my own, ways to incorporate my personality, and just so user-friendly. It put my current classroom website to shame. I was genuinely working towards a classroom website that I could use this fall. I wanted to make it a valuable resource for my students. I loved working with WIX. It is definitely something I will continue to use and update in the fall.

I thought this was my "ah-ha" moment but there was so much more to come!

Mobile Apps

This project was exciting in that I got to explore a ton of fun physics related apps! In my classroom, we currently look at Angry Birds when studying projectile motion. That's about the only app we use. This project made me realize how many valuable apps there are out there. I can't wait to introduce my students to all of them. Apps like "Physics Formula Sheet" that has all of the equations you will need for a physics class and "EveryCircuit" that lets students build circuits on their phones and see how the electricity would flow through that circuit. These apps are great tools for students. I look forward to incorporating them into my classroom in the fall. I may even use the circuit app as an in class activity! There are so many possibilities with all of the different apps out there!

Once again, I realized my "ah-ha" moment was STILL yet to come...

New Technology

During this project, I discovered two great resources: Kahoot! and DropTask.

While I had heard of Kahoot! before, I had never personally used it. I know my students really enjoy it but during the school year, I didn't want to get in to something new. I just didn't have the time. It's an excellent resource. It is used as a review game and it will be so beneficial to my students to have something fun and interactive to study with during class.

DropTask is essentially a task or to-do list for students to collaborate on. My AP students work on projects outside of class throughout the school year and I realized this website would be great for them to keep track of what needs to get done and when and who is in charge of different things, etc. It essentially acts as a planner for the students. They would all have access to their groups to-do list and be able to work on it together online. I can't wait to show my AP students this resource in the fall

The MAJOR Epiphany

In the End...

After going through all of these realizations with the new, different resources I had been exposed to as a result of this class, I was trying to think of what about this class, which of these new resources, has had the most lasting impact on me and then I had a MAJOR epiphany: I have a lot left to learn! I realized that as a new teacher, there is so much out there that I have yet to discover. This class exposed me to so many different presentation tools, networking sites, classroom resources, mobile apps, and just different ways to connect with students that I was completely unaware of. When I first opened Symbaloo, I only knew about three or four of the websites listed. The amount of new resources that I now have is unbelievable. I won't be using all of them in the future but there are a number of them that I will continue to use and integrate in to the classroom. All of the little epiphanies that I had along the way about WIX, Kahoot!, the mobile apps, all led me to one MAJOR epiphany that there are so many great resources out there yet to be discovered. I now understand more about incorporating technology in to the classroom and I understand that it is okay to try new things in the classroom. Some of these resources I would have never tried but now that I have, I will keep many of them with me.

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