War of 1812

By: Samantha Hosking


One big reason for the start of the war was impressment. This was a big deal because men were forced in to the navy and forced to work on British ships. They worked in terrible conditions and had no choice but to continue with the terrible lifestyle. The Native American attacks on the eastern boarders of L.A., instigated by the British, had a big impact on the start of the war. But later, Tecumseh, tried to reunite the tribes of India and William H. Harrison stops the rebellion. One more cause of the War of 1812, was the War Hawks. Henery Clay and John Calhoun we encouraging the start of the war.

Battle Regions

There were a lot of battle regions in the War of 1812. The invasion of Canada was a miserable failure. The Naval Battle was a success for America when the "old ironsides" sinks British ships.The Chesapeake Bay Campaign was not so successful for America. The British marched through D.C. and burned down The White House and The Capital Building.


There were a lot of effects from the War of 1812. A lot of it had to do with respect, respect for U.S., and respect from the U.S. for Canada. Also, Native Americans lost power and land and the U.S. builds factories. There was also a strong feeling of nationalism and the war heroes rose.