i wish......

by queency

I wish....

I wish i had candy for book

I wish i had an car

I wish i had a tea cup pig

I wish i had my own cat

I wish i had finn with me

I wish i had B V B bookbag

I wish i had a house so my friend won't have to move away

I wish i had a magic wand to make my wishes come true

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the tiny fox

The tiny fox comes

on little kid head.

It sits looking

over the gods and city

on silent day

and then moves on.

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i hate the noises people make.

it make me go crazy.

a little cough here or sniff there

then it started





I started sweating constantly.

i snapped at people who came by

this must have freaked some people out.

they eventually complained to my boss

now people are mocking me

i was getting mad

i took some pliers and snapped my ears

now i can hear it no more

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