Manhunt for King's Esteemed Knight

Multiple rapes, a few robberies, & even more shock.

Sudden trigger or Deep Seeded Issue?

It's around 1:30pm about half an acre off the shores of Camelot when a young woman is in the field picking flowers for her home. Off in the distance a middle-aged knight approaches on his horse then proceeds to walk the rest of the way. He then lowers himself throughout the field, sneaks up on the woman, does his bid and flees like a thief in the night.

This continues to happen in towns across the country side. One of his main methods of getting close to these women is using the alluring charm of being a knight. The king's most esteemed. The king's highly favored. They all fell for him like leaves in autumn & thought he would do no harm. That was the complete opposite....

Fast forward to one week and a four days in the region of Glasgow. Late at night a woman right around the age of 28 runs out of her house screaming in terror because of, by her description, a man in shining armor has taken all of her possessions and beaten her husband. As the men at arms came & analyzed the grizzly murder became clear...this was not random.

What if this incident wasn't a robbery? What if wasn't just a rape? What if the were crimes of passion? Mental breakdowns? Stay with us at the Camelot Times for more news as the local authorities search for this knight fallen from grace & pray to stop these astonishing acts.

Who We Are

The Camelot times, founded in 1412 by Geoffrey Chaucer's brother, Christopher was created to be your one & only source for everything Britain. We, here at the times, are dedicated to finding out the truth, the whole truth and nothing else will satisfy our search but such. Although we may not have everything, we assure you that we will give you everything that we have until we all have what really happened.