Ms. Bryant's Class News

March 9-13

Spelling and Vocabulary

1. cheese 2. please 3. tease 4. lose 5. wise 6. shove 7. twelve 8. solve 9. prove 10. glove

11. move 12. sense 13. loose 14. case 15. piece 16. since 17. peace 18. chance 19. once 20. nice

  1. ability- a skill or talent.
  2. field guide- a book that helps people identify living things in nature.
  3. habitat- the environment in which an animal lives
  4. predators- animals that hunt and eat other animals.
  5. prey- animals that are food for predators.
  6. rodents. mice and their cousins.

Important date: March 10th Book order due

What we're learning this week

Math: Test Review

Science/Social studies: Frogs and Toads. Students will research about their frog of choice.

Reading: Frogs and Toads book, Main Idea, supporting details, and summarizing review

Writing; Research

Grammar: Review Adjectives and Similes

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