Written by: Marie Lu Presented by: Dylan Danforth

Rising Action

1. Day, while keeping an eye on his family, saw one night the plague troops come to check days family to see if they have the plague or not.

2. After waiting about an hour, the plague troops marked an X on his family's door to show that they do have the plague, but this time they do something different and mark a straight line down through the X.

3. After this sight, Day breaks into a hospital to get plague cures.

4. Day's plan did not work out right because the hospital had no more plague cures.

5. Since Day's plan did not work out, he just grabbed a hand full of plague preventatives and ran away.

6. After Day got out of the building, a military commander named Metias caught up to Day.


At Day's house, the republic military has found him. Now they are trying to arrest him and his family. Day is backed up against the chimney on the roof. Commander Jameson, June, and Thomas are trying to persuade Day to come off the roof and allow republic military arrest him. When he refuses to come down, Commander Jameson orders Thomas to shoot Day's mother in the head. After this happened, Day tried to kill Thomas, but was knocked out from the butt of a rifle and was taken into custody.


Day is a 15 year old boy and he is "wanted for assault, arson, theft, destruction of military property, and hindering the war effort." (page 1) however he is not dangerous at all, it's just they don't know much about him. He is trying to take care of his family.


"I know you need this, it has all its official labels, the stamp of approval. I assure you it's the real thing" I said

"Someone you care about will wish you'd come out to greet me, it's five past midnight. I'll give you two minutes. Then I leave" I said

"What do you want for the cure, cousin?" he answered

This is important because it is the first time June meets Day, and is trying to figure out as much as she can about him.

Figurative Language