The Dangers of The Internet

Ryan and Luke

The Recent Hack of Sony

Recently Sony was hacked. With investigation it shows that Sony may have been hacked by North Korea. McAfee states that they recorded 307 new threats every minute. The amount of the threats compared to last year increased by over 75%. Some of the major security problems over the year were Unix's Bash Exploit and OpenSSL's Heartbleed Error. There is a database that tries to collect all exploitable software problems and the numbers surpassed 5,200 problems and at this rate it can surpass 6,500 problems. Kevin Mandria says that Sony's hack was planned. It was well planned and organized that Sony wasn't ready to encounter this. This hack feared many and Mandia also states that other companies weren't ready either.

Major Tech Companies Requested to Strengthen Privacy

Canada and places around the world made a letter to Google and Apple, some of the major tech giants, to control privacy better. The following listed are the companies that are requested to strengthen their privacy, Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Amazon. Privacy Sweep checked 1200 apps and 15% worldwide and 28% in Canada had a clear explanation on how they used app data and user data.

Biggest Problems With Security and Privacy

The Internet Can Be Dangerous

Some mass media aren't up to the task of providing security and privacy in two way communication, the internet is. Messages that look like they are from your bank. People can attach viruses to their websites. 62% of Americans do their banking online. New malware is able to get around security fixes of later year.