Motley County

By: Grayson Williams

Motley County, Texas

Thanks you for making time out of your busy schedule Ms. Marisue Potts to send me things about your county. Thank you for everything you did so I can have all this information for my project.

Texas Plains Trail

Cowboys, cattle and wide-open spaces for many, its Texas of the imagination. In the Texas Plain Trail Region, this daydream landscape is reality, where cowboy culture and ranching heritage come to life.

Places of Intersest:

Motley County Jail- Jail House, with County Judge H. H. Campbell and commissioners Dan Browning, A. B. Cooper, J. J. John and W. E. Power.

Matador Ranch- established by Henry H. Campbell, A. M. Britton, and three others bought range rights in this area.

Motley County Railroad- made by: J. C. Burleson, A. B. Echols, J. N. Gaines, T. E. Leckie, I. E. Martin, R. P. Moore, J. D. Morriss, J. E. Russell, and A. C. Traweek

Tee Pee City- is located Middle Pease River and Tee Pee Creek

Cottonwood Mott Line Camp-named for the stand, or mott, of trees which surrounded a natural spring here.