Kylie meyer's bucket list

April 20

Cliff diving in Negril, Jamaica

I would like to go cliff diving with my friend Riley. This cove area is made by physical weathering. Then it was eroded by the coastal waters pounding it and carry it away.
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Amy Cliff Dive Ricks Cafe Negril Jamaica

Rope swinging in Arches National park, Utah

I would go rope swinging with my cousin Ethan. These arches where made by physical weathering. The erosion happened because of the wind.
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World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!!! - Canyon Cliff Jump

Urban zip line in Panama city, Panama

I would love to go zip lining with my cousin Chase in Panama city. The buildings have rust so it is chemical weathering. The waves caused the sand to form.
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World's Largest Urban Zipline

Fly-boarding in Destin, Florida

my cousin pierce and I would go fly-boarding together. There is physical weathering in Destin. The wind in Florida carries away the sand. Carving out the shapes in the land.
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Destin Flyboard

flying water car in the Cayman Islands

My best friend Riley and i will have a lot of fun using this flying water car. There is physical weathering happening there. The water carries away parts of the coral reef that is around the island.
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Flying Water Car & Robotic Dolphin