The Southern Colonies

Work Is Easy, Money Is High!

Southern Colonies

There are many big colonies and settlements in the Southern! The weather is the best for farming, as the we have longer summers, and less harsh winters! This is the perfect place for the whole family to find a job, and settle down! There is even people here waiting to work for you!

Work, Climate, Land Forms, Culture, Trade And Settlement


There are not so many jobs in this colony. That is because, there is someone to do it for you. But, for you, there is farmers in the long growing season, timbers from the many trees we have artisans, and craftspeople. There are many jobs, but the job that might the the most helpful to our economy is probably a farmer. For the long growing season and the trading center.


The weather is very nice here! The weather here is this nicest if you are looking for hot weather. It does not get to cold in the winter, and has a very, long, and hot summer season. That is very good for the crops, or kind of farming at all.

Land Forms

There are not many land forms here. There is of course water on the coast, and also some trees, but not as much as up North. There is also the hot climate, which is really not a land form.


The southern colonies believe strongly in slaves. They hire slaves to do the work in the fields for them. The slaves are from Africa, and were imprisoned for slaves until they reached america, where they were sold and forced to work. Another belief was Catholics. The southerns let Catholics in to their colonies.


There was a little bit traded here. But mostly farm materials, because of the long growing season. Some of those items may include Cash Crops/Tobacco, or some rice. The trading was not to big here in the South.


Jamestown is a town in present North Carolina, known as Virginia back in 1607. There were three cultures that shared that town. The Africans, English, and the Powhatans. Three cultures came from all over the place to make money, find money, to find a route to Indiana for spices, and to form new relationships.

As you might have thought, many conflicts occurred. That lead to food shortages, and distribution of power. Also, to top that off, there were unsafe conditions there, like the water. Salt water is not good for the human body.

Many other events happen there too. Some at least were happy. There was a weeding between Pokahauntaus and Rolfe, two very big leaders. That was a big event. There was also a house of Burgess made, which helped vote Representatives for New England.