God of nature


Samuel Thomas
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Personal Information:

-He's half human.

-His roman counterpart is Faunus

-He doesn't know who his parents are but he believes his father is either Zeus, Dinoysus, Hermes, or Apollo

-His siblings are Circe, Laertes, Satyr, and Maenad

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Myths: Syrinx

Pan fell in love with the Arcadian Nymph Syrinx. Syrinx rejected his love and prayers. She refused to take a sweetheart because he was nether man or a goat. She escaped from Pan and ran to the Ladon river in western Arcadia.

She couldn't escape so she asked the Nymphs of the river to change her form and they turned her into marsh reeds. So when Pan wished to hold her there was nothing left of her except the reeds and the sound which the air produced in them. Pan said " This converse, at least, shall I have with you."

Pan the Greek God of Nature