Benefits of Physical Activity

for Mental Health

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You may be wondering- how does physical activity affect my health? Fortunately, this newsletter is here to inform you of all of the wonderful benefits of physical activity for your mental health! Physical Activity can range from anything- from walking, to working out, to hiking- you name it! These little things release endorphin's, which ultimately makes you happier and more positive. So, start exercising today, and read on to learn more!


"Will exercising really improve my mental health, or will it only improve my physical health?" -Nina Ward

Both! Exercise is proven to improve both your physical and mental health. Exercise will build lean muscles, make you stronger and cleanse your body physically. Mentally, exercise will create a "feel good" feeling and lift any feelings of sadness or stress. It's a two in one deal!

Myth Buster

Myth- "If you're not working up a sweat, you're not working hard enough."

This is not true! Sweat does not define the intensity or exertion during your exercise! Sweating is simply your body's natural instinct to cool itself down. You can be biking or running in the cold weather, getting the same result as sweating in a hot gym!

Resources For Teens & Upcoming events at Marvin Ridge

Resources: (This website will inspire you and empower you to start exercising!)

Waxhaw Fit Body Bootcamp

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Upcoming Events:

June 3rd- First Exam

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