Remembrance of a Friend

by Benjamin F. Williams

This poem is an ELEGY. This style of poetry is used by poets to express sadness, positive memories, and acts a tribute to the subject. "Remembrance of a Friend" is a moving tribute to the speaker's dog, Buster, and highlights the use of vignettes in stanzas 2 and 3, which are two distinct, happy memories that the subject and the speaker shared. When writing an elegy, it is important that your poem express loss and sorrow, but it shouldn't focus on the negative, sad and somber moments of loss. One student described this elegy as being filled with "sad love". That may be simplistic description, but it is the perfect observation of what a well-written elegy should make the reader feel!
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Remembrance of a Friend by Benjamin F. Williams

My sight is blurred by tears

as we walk to the field.

I wish you were beside me,

your paws adding the ground,

your pink tongue tasting the air.

Your life was long.

You, who babysat me

when I was nine months old,

watching me bounce

in my Johnny-jump-up,

only your eyes moving

as you pretended not to notice

when I landed on your snout.

You, who Dad lifted

and plopped on the sled

so you could slide down

the driveway with me,

my hands burrowed

in black fur,

your ears drawn back

by the icy wind.

You, my dog Buster,

who will be buried in the field

along with your bed that lived

under the piano,

so in the springtime

dandelions will grow

over your grave.

Miguel Angel Bello

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