baby girl

Elizabeth Heart

Elizabeths birth!

My partners name is David. We met at the woodlands mall as we were both getting out the restroom when we accidentally bumped into each other as we were use the phone. He apologized and then he started talking to me after that Saturday in the woodlands mall. Four years later, we went to the doctor for a pregnancy test. My pregnancy was not that bad; the only uncomfortable situations that I had was when I slept, the baby would move too much and bother me. Also, when I was two months of pregnant, I would constantly throw up. When i went to the doctor to take the baby genders test my doctor told me that my baby is going to be a girl and that she was going to be due on august 4; that was the exact date that I started having a lot of pain. My husband was working and I called him to tell him that I was already having pain so he came right away. I immediately called my parents and my little sister so they could come straight to my house to be with me while my husband got home. I had my baby really quick, one hour, because in my last month of pregnancy my husband took me out to walk a lot around every Friday, Saturday, and on Sundays. Therefore, had an easy labor. My baby girl was born at 11:28 am in the morning. I was so happy when I first saw my her for the first time. I was so happy and emotional that I felt like I wanted to cry. It's a feeling that's indescribable, I cant really explain it. She will always be my first and only child.

Day 1 with baby Elizabeth!

I was so happy the first day I took Elizabeth to our house. She was asleep on the way going home. We got home around two and she woke up at six. When she woke up my husband made her bottle of milk than he changed the baby's dipper because she was really wet. When she finished her milk she fell asleep. I woke up around one am because I heard Elizabeth crying. So I went to the kitchen and made her bottle of milk. After she finished her milk I changed her dipper because she was soaking wet. She feel asleep like ten minutes later after she finished her milk. I couldn't sleep after that because I was scared that she wouldn't be breathing. Later on around two thirty am, I saw her awake so I held her for a while. Lastly, I put her back in her baby cot.

Parenting issue!

My husband had told me that we should put Elizabeth in the middle of our bed. I told him "No, because its dangerous, even though we have a king bed." I told him that "I don't feel comfortable for the baby to sleep in the bed." And he kept saying "No, she's going to be fine." And I told him "No, because she's to small to be in the bed. He than told me "Yeah, you might be right, lets just put her in her baby cot."

Baby Elizabeth is sick:(

Elizabeth has been sick for three days so I took her to the doctor so the doctor told me to come the next day for the results. I went the next day and the doctor told me that my baby has Croup disease. He also told me that its going to be hard for Elizabeth to breath, her throat is going to be hurting a lot, and she's going to be coughing a lot. Which makes me feel really sad because I don't want my princess to be sick:(

The doctor told me that he will be proscribing a medicine for my little Elizabeth because she has been sick for two days. He also told me that the longest she can last with Croup disease is two weeks. So hopefully after she takes her medicine she will feel better because I don't want her to be felling like that.

New parenting issue!

An issue that new parents face with their babies is that they don't have experience. Like they don't know what's wrong with their baby when they cry, they are not used to be around with a new born baby everyday, they might not know how to put the clothes on for the baby.

An issue that Matthew and Emily are facing as new parents is that they tried pretty much everything so their baby would stop crying but their baby Nataly is still crying. And they don't know what to do. They are really concern why their baby Nataly Is still crying. So Emily called her mom and told her and she explained to her mom everything she did. So her mom gave her some advice.

In my opinion, I think Emily's mom should give her more advice since its Emily's first baby. she might not know a lot about baby's because Nataly is her first child.

mommy carying little Elizabeth:)

It felt good carrying my little Elizabeth around for a week because I love babies even though she wasn't real. But the only thing I didn't like was that my hand would get really tiered because she was kind of heavy, I cant imagine holding a real baby because they weight way more. But other than that, I did like carrying my little pumpkin around with me. I wish we could of carried them longer.

When I would be getting off the bus most of the time people would slow down their car when they were driving and im guessing they would think that I was a teen mom. That made me every time it happened.

Some things I really enjoyed while I had Elizabeth was that I got to carry her every where I went, she took a lot of pictures with my family, and my little sister and I got to play around with her.

Something I didn't like would be when I carried her my hand would be hurting a lot and it would get really red but it was nice to carry my little pumpkin around with me.

One of the most difficult things was remembering that I had Elizabeth with me because sometimes I would be in my house and I would forget I had her. And in real life you cannot forget that you have your baby in your house because they can easily put something in their mouth and they can shooak