Identity Theft

Maggie Riley

How Can You Prevent Identity Theft?

Here are some ways your can prevent having your identity stolen:

-Protect Social Security number

-Protect financial info

-Safeguard your purse and wallet

-Verify a source before sharing information

-Use caution while on the Internet

-Keep passwords and usernames safe

-Treat trash and mail with caution

-Search name occasionally to make sure you are still you

-Check credit reports

When carrying your purse of wallet only carry what you need, not your social security, birth certificate or passport.

Online Safety

-Use a credit card instead of debit when purchasing online

-Be careful what personal info you give out

-Lookout for spyware many websites have pop-ups, error messages, ect.

-Use different usernames and passwords

-Verify sources before sharing info


-Put the truth in Lending Act on your card for unauthorized charges to $50.00 per card


-The Electric Funds Transfer Act provides protection

Contact FTC for more information on identity theft