Michael Jordan

"Some people want it to happen...others make it happen."

Jordan's Life

Jordan attended Trask Middle School and received certificates of achievement in Football and Basketball in June 1977.In the beginning, Michael was not very academically focused at all. This all changed when he began attending Emsley A Laney High School. He became a B+ student and excelled as an athlete in three sports: Football, baseball, and basketball.

Kept on trying

Jordan was cut from his his high schools team. That did not stop hi though he kept on trying and eventually he got into the NBA a and became a legend. He was know everywhere. He was the best player known.

Jordan's accomplishments

Jordan wanted to make his high school basketball team. although he did not he became one of the best basketball players in the world. He got into the NBA

The Legendary free throw jump

Michael Jordan Iconic Free Throw Line Dunk

Jordan's Personal Life

He has 4 kids Marcus Jordan, Jeffery Jordan,Ysabel Jordan and Victoria Jordan

Jordan's Career

Jordan started his career in 1995 and went until 2003