Doping During The Olympics

Life Or Death


Some synonyms of "doping" is; drug, administer drugs/narcotics to, tamper with, or to interfere with.

Doping is basically taking doses of drugs. some athletes do drugs to enhance their performance.

In this case we are talking about people who "dope" during the Olympics. This means that people take doses of drugs before competing thinking that the drug will help them get gold, but that's not the case. Doping is illegal during the Olympics. If you "dope" during the Olympics you will be stripped of your medal.

Nick Delpopolo

Nick Delpopolo is an American Olympic athlete. He competed in the men's 73 kg event at the 2012 Summer Olympics

· Nicholas "Nick" Delpopolo is an American judoka. After defeating Cheung Chi Yip in the second round and Dirk Van Tichelt in the third, ...Wikipedia

· · Born: February 8, 1989 (age 25), Nikšić, Montenegro

· Height: 1.73 m

· Weight: 73 kg

After nick was found positive for doping with marijuana he was disqualified from the 2012 summer Olympic Games. He claims that he had no idea he had eaten the marijuana which was baked into a delicious brownie. Nick apologized to the Olympic committee and all his fans for his mistake of having the marijuana brownie. He says he will continue on to be the best he can be, and that he will be the best judo athlete he could be.

Nicholas Dolpopolo

judo fighter in the Olympics

Nick Delpopolo Olympics 2012 - Disqualified!

doping timeline

Use over time for: doping

Use over time for: doping

As you can see from this graph, doping has increased little by little. If you look at 1950's doping has really increased since then. In about 2000 doping decreased. This map only goes to 2010 but it still shows how much doping has increased between times

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" The question is 'would I dope in the Olympics if I were promised that I would win a gold medal, but lose my life in a few years?' My answer is no, I would not risk my life just to win a gold medal. Besides, if I were to win a gold medal, I would want myself to win it not doping. If I were caught doping I would be stripped of my medal, why would I want to take that kind of risk? I would want to win it on my own, therefore I know if I am really good enough.

Also, if i were caught, everyone would know about it, and I don't want everyone to know, its embarrassing. . I would be in news reports, talk shows, newspapers, and even more! i would rather keep my life the way it is, no drugs."

- Karlee .T.