By Jenna Coalson


A vocabulary is constructed of words a student recognizes as well as discern all of their meanings, and can use them in conversation.


There is a strong correlation between reader's vocabulary knowledge and their reading comprehension (Armstrong,2004; Blahowicz & Fisher, 2005a; Cooper, 2006; Juel & Deffes, 2004). Without a broad vocabulary, students will have difficulty becoming proficient readers.

There is also a relationship between vocabulary and narrative organizational skills (Heilman, Millerr, Dunaway, 2010). This means the students without a strong vocabulary will struggle to identify key sections of the story, as well as the problem and how to solve it. This is why having a wide vocabulary is crucial to a student's reading comprehension.

vocabulary bingo

This game allows students to search for words they know as well as use their skills to find unknown vocabulary.

Vocabulary online games

This site has games already in place to build a strong vocabulary. What makes it unique is the option for students to type in their vocabulary list for the week. It will personalize the games around the words given.
Video on buiding vocabulary

This video shows how a teacher uses paint swatches to build her students' vocabulary.


This site gives a word and four pictures. The student picks the correct picture to match the word. Once they choose, the definition is provided. This is a great tool to use in the classroom to help build a strong, dependable vocabulary.