Washington Update

February 5, 2016

Welcome to our new "Washington Update" format! Have a great weekend everyone and a great SuperBowl Sunday!

Congratulations Caitlin Mayo!

5th grade Washington School student Caitlin Mayo was awarded an special honor at the "WWRSD has heART” exhibit opening at the Westwood Gallery on February 4, 2016. Caitlin’s photograph of colorful markers in the shape of a heart was not only chosen as a competition finalist – only one of 14 from the entire school district – but it was also chosen to receive special recognition from ArtWorks: The Naomi Cohain Foundation. ArtWorks is an organization that uses the arts to enhance the lives of children and young adults suffering from chronic and life-threatening illnesses. At the gallery opening, Caitlin was presented with a gift and special certificate by four members of the ArtWorks staff, including Amy Sokal, Executive Director. Ms. Sokal has also expressed interest in having Caitlin’s photo used as the company’s new logo! Congratulations to Caitlin, her family, and Art teacher, Mrs. Stacey Becan.

Another congratulations to Mia Kupershteyn, who was also one of fourteen finalists in the WWRSD has heART competition! We are so proud of our wonderful artists!

Boxtops Update!

Our winter boxtop competition is heating up...The race is well underway and we are thrilled with the results and being on our way to EXCEEDING our goal of $300! Our Bulletin board is filling up fast so be sure to take a look --- 2nd grade has a huge lead with 1st & 4th grades battling for 2nd place, and 3rd not far behind. Each grade has earned an extra recess so far & the leaders a PJ day! The grand prize is movie & ice pops, with 2nd place getting an extra gym class!

So let's turn in those box tops you're collecting and continue to send them to school in batches of 10 or more! Just bag them up or attach to a sheet if you prefer, whatever is easiest for you! Our deadline for this contest is February 25, but keep them coming after!

Please drive carefully!

In the interest of safety, please adhere to the drop off and pick up procedures outlined at the start of the year. When stopping your car in our "Stop, Drop, and Go" zones, you should be pulling to the furthest available spot and having your child quickly enter/exit the vehicle on the curb side only. If you are dropping your child off early for extra help or Before Care, please do not do a k-turn in front of the school when leaving! Please drive around the building and proceed through the parking lot circle.

We appreciate your cooperation!

PARCC Talking Points

As the PARCC assessment draws closer, I will be sending out informational updates to keep you abreast of important information about the test.

Why is New Jersey using PARCC?

New Jersey has had statewide assessments since the 1970s. In fact, the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires every state to test students in grades 3 to 8. The previous paper-and-pencil student assessments—the NJASK and HSPA—complied with the federal requirement for statewide exams, but were often criticized for not providing useful data to improve schools. In the 2014-2015 school year, New Jersey transitioned to PARCC, an exam created by New Jersey and other states to more accurately measure academic standards in mathematics and English language arts. PARCC is designed to provide parents/guardians and educators with information that can improve learning.

Source: http://www.state.nj.us/education/assessment/PARCCFAQ.pdf

Who creates PARCC questions?

Hundreds of K–12 and postsecondary educators, content specialists, and assessment experts from New Jersey and other PARCC states participate in the development of all PARCC testing items. Each test item was reviewed by no fewer than 30 educators prior to field tests, and outcomes of the field test were then reviewed by 80 educators before being included on the operational tests.

Source: http://www.state.nj.us/education/assessment/PARCCFAQ.pdf

PARCC Testing Dates 2016

Grade 3: May 2nd-5th

Grades 4 & 5- May 9th-12th

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Calendar of Events

February 12 ~ Mrs. Palianto's Birthday Lunch Bunch

February 15-16 ~ No School

February 17 ~ 100th day of school

February 22-26 ~ Jump Rope for Heart Week

February 26 ~ Spirit Assembly- Jump Rope for Heart Celebration