Saltine Crackers


The right way to be part of 10k cracker challenge?

Do you find yourself getting bored, within your holidays? Then some exciting contest can really relax your mood. If you are going to make some good amount of money, through the contest, then the fun is going to get doubled up. A whole new Cracker Challenge has been announced by the team of 10k Cracker Challenge, in order to help you out to feel the thrill!

Just what is this contest information about?

This is the specifically created satellite checker challenge. This contest would ask the participants to have up 6 small-sized crackers. , you need to complete your cracker eating process within just one minute,. That is the most challenging part of the game!

Is there a gain?

Now, simply because you came to know about the challenging regions of the sport, then you definately need to be in search of the interesting rewards with the contest? Well, that one minute challenge of 6 crackers will help you in enabling $10,000, upon winning! This is certainly amazing game, as you will definitely generate a huge chunk of money, merely by being an important part of this game of 6 crackers!

The participants really need to position the order because of their participation tool kit, via the web based platform in this contest. You will definitely receive a free tool kit, after placing your request. This kit would come with many interesting things, including, your participation ID, the pack of three crackers plus the instruction set. Now, you will need to be wondering that tips on how to place your ask for the kit? Well, there is an online form, which is certainly available on-line site in this contest. In order to receive your kit on time, you need to put your email ID, message and name in the form. So get set for the contest right away! Understand more about Cracker Challenge