Adventure is Calling Your Name

By: Layney and Meghan

The Adventure

Come with us on our journey to the unknown parts of South America! Be the first to discover this beautiful country and explore the Atlantic ocean. In the beautiful sea, adventure and fun will be around every corner. We will pay 10 pounds for your time and commitment on our expedition.

Captain Drake

Sir Francis Drake, born and raised in Devonshire, England, was the eldest of 12 boys. In his early years, he was involved in unlawful actions such as stealing from ships and slave trading. Drake has been chosen by Queen Elizabeth I as the leader to journey around South America and explore.

Expedition Details

Wednesday, June 1st 1577 at 9am

England, United Kingdom


The adventure takes you around the tip of South America to explore its west coast.

The return date is targeted for June of 1580.