CLP Weekly Memo

Week of March 28 to April 1

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At CLP We Are Growing Leaders Every Day In Every Way!

Important Dates

3-29 to 3-30 STAAR Testing (4th grade Writing and 5th Reading and Math)
3-31 T3 Report Cards Distributed
4-1 3rd Grade Ag Awareness Day
4-1 PTA Providing finger foods

Upcoming Dates

4-4 Chick-Fil-A Night
4-7 Kindergarten Round-Up
4-9 RISD Job Fair @ RHS
4-12 Staff Meeting
4-13 Fun Run Activities begin
4-13 Spring Pictures
4-15 2nd Field Trip to Perot
4-16 RISD SSO Day
4-19 Elective Fair for 4th and 5th grades @ 2:00
4-19 First Grade Program and PTA General Meeting 6:30
4-20 Lighthouse Team Meeting 3:20
4-21 Kindergarten Field Trip
4-22 Fun Run
4-26 Team Leader Meeting
4-28 Digital Media Fair @ RHS
5-2 SpEd Track Day
5-2 to 5-6 Teacher Appreciation Week
5-3 Team Leader Meeting
5-5 CLP Honor Choir Show
5-6 TOY Ceremony at Hilton Harbor
5-12 6th Grade Track Meet

Announcements and Reminders (repeated information is in Italics)

  • 4th and 5th graders will be testing on Tuesday and 5th grades will be testing on Wednesday. Please be mindful of the testing areas when traveling with your students. Talk with your students as well about remaining quiet in the hallways out of respect for their school mates.
  • All teachers will eat lunch in the cafeteria with your students on these two days. Cafeteria doors will need to remain closed during lunches as well.
  • Computer Lab Monitoring: It is very important that students are monitored while in the computer lab. A few things discovered over the past few weeks. Students are removing keys from keyboards and replacing them in the wrong places. Students are chewing the headphone cords and making the headphones inoperable. First of all.... GROSS!!! Second of all..... We are at a time in the year where budget funds aren't available to replace these headphones. I will also talk to ROCK about this as well.
  • Employee Recognition Awards: In the past every May the district hosts an employee awards recognition ceremony where employees receive service pins, retirees are recognized, Paraprofessional of the Year is announced, and Employee of the Year is announced. This year we will do this special recognition at the campus level where the audience is much more intimate and personal and we all know each other rather than a cattle herd across the stage!!! 5-10-15 year service awards as well as Paraprofessional of the Year awards will be recognized at a reception after school one afternoon. We will have cake, refreshments and fellowship celebrating these special individuals. Employees that are receiving 20+ year service awards as well as all retirees will be recognized in a district ceremony on May 19th. In order to be included in this ceremony if you are retiring, please notify Human Resources by May 5th. The district always celebrates retirees in a really big and special way and we want to make sure you are included in this. Also, please let me know as well because we will have a campus reception in your honor.
  • Volunteer Appreciation: Volunteer Appreciation week is the week of April 11th. We will be coordinating a breakfast and special time for our volunteers.
  • Field Trips: Please make sure that your field trips are on the school calendar with Julie Woolly. If you do not see those listed in the important dates, it is not posted to the calendar.
  • Kindergarten Round-Up is April 7th. We will need several volunteers to help with Kinder Round-Up this year as we will be using a different format than in past years. Please let Julie Woolly know if you are available to assist with this event. It will be from 6-8, helpers would need to be here at 5:30.
  • 9-1-1 Calls. If you or a student accidentally or on purpose calls 9-1-1 please call the office immediately to let us know. Anytime a 9-1-1 calls comes from our school an alert is immediately sent to central office. We need to be aware here so we can respond adequately. Obviously if it is a real emergency and you can't call we will come investigate.

Cullins Staff Members Being AWESOME!!

  • Thanks to Laura Mejia for organizing and setting up all the little details for Perot Night on Tuesday!
  • Thanks to ALL the staff members that volunteered your evening to make a memorable night for our students.
  • Gabby Brown: The book fair was a great success!!! We made around $5700 on the book fair!!! Thanks to Gabby and all the wonderful volunteers.
  • Michelle Cate: Michelle worked diligently with district staff to get the blips in the grading dates extended and fixed for all of you. She's AMAZING!!!

Jill's Corner

Happy "Friday" Cullins Friends!

I hope it has been a great short week for you all! Remember that next week is testing for our 4th and 5th graders. Please talk with your students about courtesy in the hallways to their school mates. We will be a closed campus to visitors next week as well.

After next week we are in the month of April and we all know how fast paced things move beginning NOW! Please be sure you are checking dates and information in the newsletters, many important things happening and deadlines to be aware of.

Easter weekend is upon us! Jack, Mk and I will host the family at our house after church on Sunday. We used to have an underwater Easter Egg hunt for Mk and my niece and heat the pool up. Not sure the teens are much interested in that anymore. Maybe we should hide money in the eggs, that would be more motivating for them now! Mk will be singing at the Good Friday service tomorrow night at church and I am hopeful for some sun time on Saturday! Enjoy your last break before Memorial day!!

One of your teammates is featured in a video that our communications department published this week. Please see the video posted below. We are proud of you Debby Schmucker and honored to be your colleagues!! (She's going to be mad at me for doing this!!)

Go out and BE AWESOME!!!

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