Collin Welch

Funny, nice, chill, outdoors, sporty,

Decision making

When making decisions I tend to follow the Behavioral Style. People with that decisions making style are Sociable, Friendly, Supportive, Has a talent for building teams and encouraging, Action oriented. Others sometimes perceive mt decision making as Wishy-Washy Can't make hard decisions, Too concerned about others. The best organizational fit for my type of decision making is one that allows for, Well-designed.

Brain Hemisphere

Although I use both the left and right side of my brain depending on the thought process necessary, I am most comfortable while using the left side of my brain. That means that I need more spontaneity, expression, nurturing, social and interpersonal activity, imagination and creativity, artistry, holistic, abstract and conceptual thinking. However, sometimes I need more structure, control, clarity, focus, direction, responsibility, organization, planning, mathematical and analytical skills, listening skills, rational and logical thinking.

My Personality Type

Gold- organized, loyal,prepared, and dependably those are some words that describe the color that i am. Orange- Fun loving, competitive, generous, creative. Green- Searches for answers constantly, problem solver, likes learning, has very high standards/goals, very very curious. Blue- Concerned about others feelings, very friendly never is mean to anyone, when communicating will express emotions while speaking, gets mad when others pick on kids and just have a negative attitude.

Navigator Results

My top 3 career choices

Private detective- Task/ Write reports or case summaries to document investigations, Conduct private investigations on a paid basis, Expose fraudulent insurance claims or stolen funds, Testify at hearings or court trials to present evidence, Alert appropriate personnel to suspects' location. Conditions/ Often work irregular hours because of the need to conduct surveillance and contact people who aren't available during normal work hours, Many detectives and investigators spend time away from their offices conducting interviews or doing surveillance, Those who own agencies and employ other investigators may work primarily in an office and have normal work hours, The environment may vary during cases away from the office such as plush boardrooms to seedy bars, Some of the work involves confrontation, so the job can be stressful and dangerous. Education required- Associate's degree or certificate, Salary- 86,650$

photographer-Task/ Create artificial light, flashes and reflectors,Transfer photographs to computers for editing, archiving, and electronic transmission, Load and upload films, engage in research to develop new photographic procedures and materials. Conditions/ Some photographers work in uncomfortable or even dangerous surroundings, especially news photographers, Portrait photographers usually work in their own studios but also may travel to take photos where the client wants to take photos, News and commercial photographers travel to take photos, news and commercial photographers travel frequently and may even stay over night on some occasions, News photographers work under strict deadlines, a lot of photographers walk around for hours taking pictures while carrying heavy equipment. education required- Associates degree or certificate salary- 39,840

Mechanical Engineering Technician- Task/ Test equipment, using test devices attached to generator, voltage regulator, or other electrical parts, such as generators or spark plugs. Record test procedures and results, numerical and graphical data, and recommendations for changes in product or test methods. Operate drill press, grinders, engine lathe, or other mechanical machines to modify parts tested or to fabricate experimental parts for testing. Devise, fabricate, and assemble new or modified mechanical components for products such as industrial machinery or equipment, and measuring instruments. Analyze test results in relation to design or rated specifications and test objectives, and modify or adjust equipment to meet specifications. Conditions/ Most engineering technicians work at least 40 hours a week in laboratories, offices, manufacturing or industrial plants, or on construction sites. Some may be exposed to hazards from equipment, chemicals, or toxic materials. Education required- Associates degree or certificate Salary- 81,330

High School SMORE

Bentonville High School-

9th- Get good grades, get involved, start a resume of all activities/accomplishments

10th- keep grades up, take PAST and/or PLAN, maintain resume

11th- boost GPA, take ACT and/or SAT, maintain resume

12th- get letters of recommendation, apply to schools, complete the FASFA, apply for scholar ships

Class of 2020