Bill of Rights

Daniel Harris 6 12/18/14

Amendment 1 Freedom of speech, press, and religion

You have the right to express your opinion on the government, you can publish a newspaper without government interference or influence, and you have the right to practice any religion you want.

Amendment 2 Right to bear arms

Civilians have the right to own guns to defend themselves and their country. They act as militia.

Amendment 3 Quartering

Soldiers can't demand to be let in without the consent of the owner during peacetime.

Amendment 4 Search and Seizure

Citizens homes can't be searched without a warrant or their belonging seized.

Amendment 5 Due process, Double Jeopardy, Self Incrimination, Private Property

You can't be charged twice for a crime and you have the right to remain silent. They have to give you a fair trial and the government can't take your belongings.

Amendment 6 Trial by jury and other rights of the accused

If you are charged with a crime, your trial must happen ASAP. The jury will decide if you're guilty or not. They have to tell you what you were accused of and who is making charges against you.

Amendment 7 Civil trial by jury

You can pay a certain amount to settle civil cases.

Amendment 8 Prohibition of excessive bail, as well as cruel and unusual punishment

Your punishment should fit your crime. No unusual punishment or bail.

Amendment 9 Unlisted rights

Just because a right isn't listed, doesn't mean you don't have it.

Amendment 10 Powers of states and people

If the Constitution doesn't say a state can't do something, the state has that right.

Court Case 1

WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) picketed gay soldier's funerals but nobody could do anything because of the first Amendment.

Court Case 2

A plantiff sued D.C. for labeling his semi-automatic pistol as a machine gun for being able to shoot 12 rounds without reloading.

Court Case 3

A Nevada man's house was broken into by police because the police needed a 'tactical advantage' over a Domestic Violence case.

Court Case 4

Police were almost allowed to be able to search cellphones without a warrant.

Court Case 5

Police tortured people to get confessions out of them for things they may have or may not have done.