Road to Perserverance

Nick Pastore

What does perseverance mean

Perseverance plays a big role on life. People will fail 100 times and the people that quite never come out with a good result the ones that persevere threw the adversities are the people that are the strongest mentally and physically. Perseverance to me is someone putting you down then getting back up

Kid President- sequence

Robby Novak is best known as Kid President. First off he is a strong and positive kid. He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. This is a lifelong chronic condition that he basically breaks easily it affects between 25,000 to 50,000.

2nd off, Despite these adversities, he remains smart, strong, nice, inspiring, and positive. He has lived his life just as a normal kid and he is just like everyone else. “Just like that one dude said don't stop believing unless your dream is stupid.” Kid President

Jackie Robinson-Description

jackie Robinson stood up for what he believed in do you? Jackie was in the mlb and he was the only african american player, at this time and nobody wanted him in the leauge but he wanted to brake the color barrier and let it be free for white and blacks to play baseball. He had lots of problems some of the problems he had was, people calling him no good and would say racial slurs to him and he wasn't able to fight back because he would be kicked out of the league. Jackie was able to control himself and he was able to stay in the league and break the color barrier.

Problem solution

Michael Oher had so many things that have effected him when he was growing up his mom and dad didn't care for him the mom was a drug addict and he didn't really ever feel loved he thought he was going to be a bust in life but he started to persevere threw all of these things and was motivated by his new family the are now his legal guardians he was a lot more happy there with them then before the pushed him to not be inadequate and to do his best he made the NFL and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens.

Losing to Win (Cause/Effect)

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