Curriculum Letter - Let's Pretend

SJI International Elementary, Singapore, 29th May 2015

Prep 1

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Dear Parents,

Prep 1 are about to enter the land of Let’s Pretend, where our imagination and creativity can run wild. We will be using our role play areas to make a stage and a puppet theatre so all the children can become budding actors and actresses.

We will begin this new unit next week with our surprise trip to the legendary Raffles theatre to see the 'Gingerbread Man':

'Once upon a time there was a Little Old Woman and a Little Old Man, who decided to make a gingerbread man to sweeten their day. But the Little Old Man was REALLY not good at following instructions. What a recipe for disaster…

The Gingerbread Man is a sweet spread of wonderfully catchy songs, rainbow-sprinkled with a colourful collection of crazy characters, and frosted with some valuable lessons to learn. This tasty tale - the one you know so well - is a real treat for all ages!'

Through this unit we will cover the Early Learning strands in the following ways:

Independence and Interdependence

The children will have the opportunity to take on different roles in different contexts when they explore traditional tales — through drama and role play “becoming” a character. They will need to co-operate within a small group and express their own ideas when taking part in simple puppet plays.


This unit focuses on traditional stories and gives the children many opportunities to observe, explore and enjoy the use of print. We will create stories and be creative through music, drama and dance. We will work on our narrative story-telling, looking closely at the characters and the story setting. We will be asking why the characters do what they do. All which will help us to develop our own story telling, reading and writing skills. We will revise our phonics paying attention to blending sounds together to read and write words. The children will also be encouraged to use the sight words introduced into their writing.


We would like the children to find out about stories from around the world and to find these places on world maps. We are requesting that parents come in and read a traditional story or fairy tale from your home country. You may wish to do this in your home language too, especially if the book you read has lots of pictures so the children can follow the story.

We will be finding out how we can make the pig’s house stronger, how to make porridge for the 3 bears and how we can make a bridge for the Billy Goats that is troll free (to name just a few activities)

We will be making puppets out of different materials and then using these to recreate well know stories and traditional tales.

In Mathematics the children will consolidate their work with numbers. We will be looking at number stories and working with numbers to 10. All activities will be “hands on” using manipulatives and counters. We will continue to work on the formation of numbers. The children will have the opportunity to explore length and weight in practical and play situations.

In Chinese, we will be working on Unit 6 “Fruits ”: Learn different fruits and vegetables.

In PE we are using our new skills to play small sided games involving throwing and catching.

In Music, we will continue our unit on 'The Beautiful Band'.

We will:

  • explore the sounds and timbres of a variety of handheld percussion
  • develop our singing voices by learning simple themed songs
  • use a variety of percussion to develop an understanding of pattern and the skill of keeping a beat.

Healthy Living

The children will have the opportunity to explore feelings when taking on a character role and looking at character motivations. The children will think about the actions of Goldilocks and how she can make things better, why the troll was so mean and looking at stranger danger using the wolf and Goldilocks as examples.

We hope you will support our unit of work and the international mindedness aspect by participating in coming into the classroom to read a story. If you would like to help, please contact your teacher.

Kind regards,

Prep 1

Dates for your Diary

Monday, June 1st - Vesak Day - No School

Tuesday, June 2nd - Field Trip to 'The Gingerbread Man'

Wednesday, June 3rd - Optional Parent Teacher conferences

Friday, June 12th - Last day of term (1/2 day)

As a gentle reminder, please note that this week was the end of ECAs for the Summer term. The ECA program will begin again in the beginning of the Christmas term.