By Preston B. and Issac Y.

Explain how Denmark over through Germany

The answer to your question is Denmark actually didn't run Germany out of Denmark. Truthfully it was the British that drove the Germans out of Denmark. With the help of Field Marshall Bernard, L Montgomery, the British were able to drive the Germans out of Denmark and let Denmark have its freedom
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The buildings in Denmark after the invasion.

Summarize the actions that Denmark took to rebound the Danish economy after the Invasion

One of the biggest steps to financial stability was Denmark joining the EFTA. (revised version of the EU) In doing so Denmark could stop rationing cotton goods, electricity, cocoa, and work clothes. also with the sighing to the EFTA Denmark got there much needed coal and iron ore.

Explain how Germany betrayed Denmark

Germany didn't like the idea of the pact so betrayed and took over Denmark on April 8, 1939. By invading Denmark and taking over its government. The Germans killed lots and lots of people but Denmark was the wealthiest country when Nazi's took over.


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