Wild Adventures

These dogs can do a lot...... Period:1/7 2-4-16

By: Holly Holtschneider, Brenden Gajewski, and Taylor Czawlytko


  • light enough to travel 10 mph across ice
  • Types: Nome, Nansen
  • Nome- long narrow sides that look like baskets
  • holds 1000 pounds
  • Nansen- made of wood, lighter then Nome


  • breeds: Qimmiq (Greenland), Huskies
  • sweat happens inside body (makes them run faster)
  • need to get shots
  • arrived with first people around 2500 B.C
  • Dogs wear boots

Diet and Health

  • if overheat it can effect: brain, kidneys, muscles, even kill it
  • 60-70% of diet is fat
  • never get heart disease
  • dogs given big meals before and after the race
  • sometimes snacks in between (takes a few mins)

Fun Facts

  • attached by a 12-foot rope (called pituq)
  • people still like dog sledding over snowmobiles
  • sled consist of 7-10 dogs
  • sled racing is increasing every year
  • out dates any modern vehicles
  • in 2003, around 40,000 mushers participate in the annual race
  • has started in the arctic region
  • males weigh about 77 pounds
  • females weigh about 60 pounds

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