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Articals about perseverance

What does perseverance mean to me?

To me perseverance is when you have to go through a hard time. When you are trying to reach a goal and it seems you'll never make it. When everyone is trying to tell you that its never going to happen and you should quit. You'll go through times when you want to quit, and you'll go through times when you couldn't feel more confident in what your doing. What really determines the perseverance won't be if you succeed or not, it will be if you didn't listen to the critics and know you tried your best to do what you know makes you happy.

Jackie Robinson Perseverance

Jackie Robinson's legacy didn’t start just with him, it started with a whole other person. This persons name was Branch Rickey. The first thing that happened in Branch’s life to make him want to go against racism was when he was coaching a baseball team and they all had to stay in a hotel. The hotel had denied the only black player on his team a room. But luckily with some convincing that player (charlie) got to stay in the same room as Branch. About halfway through that night Branch was woken up by sobbing coming from charlie. He was discouraged and morose about his skin color. Mr.Rickey knew that wasn't right for him to feel that way about himself . Next, this occurred about 5-8 years later, he started the noble experiment. For him to be able to complete this plan Branch would have to triumph over all the reasons blacks wouldn't be able to play. He would also have to find the right player for the job. After a few years of searching Rickey found Robinson and instantly knew he was the right one for the job. Next, Branch prepped Jackie on all the things he would have to do and all the things that he was going to hear. Branch told how Robinson would have to remain calm and not talk back to the other players, but at the same time not let them walk all over you. He also told how he would hear terrible things about his race and many other offensive terms and how things may get physical with people on and off the field. But through all that Jackie and Branch had each others back and the Noble experiment was a huge success both on and off the field.

Another story from the land of perseverance - The lady jags

The Lady Jags are the basketball team for Carroll Academy. Carroll academy is a school to rebuild troubled kids that have gotten themselves into activities against the law or are battling mental disorders such as anger issues or depression. The focus of the Carroll academy video is to have the girls overcome their troubles through basketball and build trust and bonds throughout the season. Most important coming in to the academy, the girls had trust issues that they needed to overcome. For instance The Lady Jags are discouraged by their incredible number of 218 loses, to keep playing and attempt to win a basketball game is incredible. The Lady Jags are frustrated and exhausted, especially the girls that are dealing with mental disorders such as anger issues and depression. This is an issue for the Lady Jags because they have already had many setbacks in their life and this may trigger trust issues in their coaches who keep telling them the can win and they never do, this can also cause a lack of confidence. Overall The Lady Jags have had an incredible amount of losses but they have learned to build friendships through hardships. They were able to overcome their issues and disorders to become close to new people. Everyone around them had motivated them and that helped them cope with their problems and this helped them all keep going and not giving up. They have triumphed and persevered through their lows and hardships and are now better than ever.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a very profound and intellectual historical figure. He was born in 1874. His childhood life was a very lonesome one. He didn’t have much support from his parents or peers, in fact his nanny was the only real family in his life. Throughout his life he has shown leadership, compassion, and determination . For example when he visited a school, (Harrow School) he showed compassion because he was spreading hope and telling them that everything was going to be ok. He also showed leadership. Winston was in world war 2 and with only 7 months of basic training he got his first leave. With that leave he traveled to Cuba and watch the Spanish troops put down a rebellion, he had made plans to be a war correspondent for London. Winston was also very determined he was determined because at one point he got captured but managed to escape with in 5 months. However, he is best known for writing all of his books and being a famous novelist. Thought all his adventures and time in government he kept on writing his books and that definitely set him apart from all of the other people in government at that time. During this time Winston was traveling all over the world. Winston Churchill once said, “ in nothing, great or small, large or petty-never give in.” From this quote, we know he was a wise person. He was saying that whether the problem be big or small don’t be afraid or cave in, you should just approach it. Overall Winston was a very accomplished man and his life changed the world for the better.


Overall this unit has had many examples of perseverance. It has shown me what it really mean to persevere. Everyone of these people had problems in their life that they had to overcome. Some may be bigger than others but that doesn't mean that one has less reason to be an issue. This was my perspective on the unit.

Leroy and Dartanyon Compare and Contrast

Leroy & Dartanyon


They are alike because they have both had their adversities. One has a sight problem and another is a amputee. They both have to go through life being different and misunderstood. They both went to the same school and wrestled on the same team.


Leroy - They both are on two very different life paths Leroy is a father and a full time college student.

Dartanyon - They are both on two very different life paths Dartanyon is now in the Olympics and has a bronze medal

Eleanor Roosevelt cause and effect

Cause - Eleanor's didn't trust many people or things due to her parents.

Effect #1 - "She developed many fears, she was afraid of the dark, afraid of animals, afraid of other children and afraid of strangers." pg. 275

Effect #2 - "Then when she was six her father left. He was an alcoholic and went to live in a sanitarium in Virginia.

Cause - Everyone around her died.

Effect#1- "Within months Eleanor had lost he mother, a brother, and her dear father."

Effect#2- "Although she did not like competitive team sports as a matter of discipline she tried out for field hockey."