Don't Stress Out!!!!!

Know the difference in stresses!

Acute Stress- severe, intense stress resulting from exposure to such trauma as abuse or violence.

Chronic Stress- high stress sustained over time.

Causes of stress in Students

More than 50% of poor children wall with stressors as compared to 13% of well off children.

Some of the common causes are:


-Utility disconnection


-Lack of utilities

-Abuse (a major stressor)

Did you Know!!!!!! Disciplinary measures grow harsher as income decreases?!?

Long Term Effects of Stress

A child who has been exposed to long term stressors exhibits...

-Impulsivity (can be diagnosed as ADHD)

-Increased sense of detachment and hopelessness over time

-Increased aggressive behaviors (talking back, less tools in toolbox, inappropriate body language).

-more absences

-Insidious effect on student engagement.

-Impares attention and concentration

-Reduces motivation and effort.

-Increases depression.

How do we help students cope??? Because it can be helped!!

1) Give students appropriate amounts of control over their daily lives at school.

2) Provide more opportunities for control.

3) Give students a voice in their classroom experience.