Keeping Up With Your Child

Bathing Safety Tips For Your Child

Pay Attention

Lots of parents think that baths are an easy part of being a parent, or a safety aspect anyway. However, that is not true. Baths are one of the most unsafe places for a child to be. There are many different things that can cause a disaster, but there are also many precautions you can take.

Things to Watch Out For

1. Never Leave Your Child Alone in the Bathtub- Some kids have drowned in just an inch of water while their parent left them alone in the bath tub. So make sure they are always being watched.2. Ensure Bath Toy Safety- All kids love playing with toys in the bath, but avoid porous, spongy or wooden toys because they can cause bacteria to grow quicker. Clean the toys after every bath and once a week or so wash the toys with bleach to make sure that they are clean.3. Take Precautions to Avoid Burns-To prevent accidental burns or scalding, set your hot-water thermostat between 100-125 degrees Fahrenheit. A good test is to place your hand under the hot water only, and if it is still comfortable, then the temperature is at the right level for your little one. And never put your child in the bath while the water is still running.4. Protect Against Slips- Use bath mats to avoid slipping. Install a faucet cover over your bathtub taps to prevent a painful collision. Place a non-slip bathroom rug by the side of the tub to step out onto. Your child may not have perfect balance yet, so try to teach your child to be extra careful when he's wet and getting in and out of the bath.5. Safegaurd Your Bathroom-Keep the bathroom locked at all times while you're not inside with your child. Install toilet and cabinet locks to prevent curious minds from mischief or even danger. Remove or make inaccessible sharp objects such as razors, scissors, toothbrushes, nail clippers, or nail files. Cleaning products, detergents and bleach, medications, vitamins, cosmetics, electrical appliances, and mouthwash (which has a greater alcohol content than wine) should also be locked away. Consider placing your own bath and beauty products--soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, after-shave, shaving cream out of the tub and out of reach.