Arkansas Arts Academy

7th & 8th News from the Core 4/8/16

Upcoming Events

Future Glance:

April 12 AAA sings at the Naturals Game

April 18-19 7/8 ACT Aspire Testing

April 22-23 MS Theatre: A Little Princess 6:30 at PAC

April 28 - 7th Grade Malipaso Dancers at WAC Field Trip

May 2-6 8th Grade Job Shadowing Week

May 3 MS Choir 6:30 @ PAC

May 6 with Mom 7:15-7:45

May 6-7 MS Dance Performances 6:30 at PAC

May 7 EMS Car Wash and Trade Sale

May 9-12 Book Fair

May 9 MS Guitar Concert 6:30 @ PAC

May 10 MS orchestra 6:30 @ PAC

May 13 PJ Spirit Day $1 and Art Showcase

May 20 8th Grade to SDC

May 23 Middle School Day, 8th Grade Graduation Practice at 8:15 am, 8th Grade Graduation at 6:30 pm in the PAC

May 24 Elementary Field Day

May 25 Kindergarten Graduation

Ms. Walker, Science,

In 7th grade, students have been working very hard on learning the body systems. They are creating foldables for their notebook about each system we learn. At the end, we will take a test in which students will be able to use their notebook. Because of the foldables being the brunt of the daily lessons, I will be taking a notebook grade this weekend. Each completed foldable will be worth 5 points each. Students are being made aware of this and know the times they may come in to catch up.

Heads up: we WILL be learning about the reproduction system. That will likely be late next week. After the test, we will begin a unit learning about reproduction in plants and animals, and possibly some dissections.

8th graders have been learning about electromagnetism, and last week they constructed a DC motor. A bit of smoke was produced, and definitely lots of learning and fun! We are now moving on to electromagnetic spectrum, and will be having a hands on lab for this topic as well.

Ms. Welch, Math,

Wow the end of the year is quickly approaching which means testing is only a few weeks away.

7th grade is currently wrapping up a unit working with percents and simple interest. 7-2 and 7-3 have a simple interest assignment due this week. Students were supposed to dream of something they would like to have, research the cost, and then calculate how much the interest would be (at different interest rates) if they were to take out a loan in order to make the purchase. 7-1 will be assigned a short project this week using similar figures to determine the unknown height of an object.

8th grade is currently working on solving systems of equations by substitution and graphing.

Ms. Jarrett, Social Studies,

7th Grade - We are currently studying the transboundary pollution problem in Europe, and studying the case of the Chernobyl Disaster in 1986. Next, we are moving on to discussing Africa, with a focus on the Nile River and Life in Sahara and Sahel Deserts.

We will also be discussing Cuba, our past relationship with this country, as well as recent changes in our diplomatic relations, in preparation to see the Malipaso Dance Company from Cuba at the Walton Arts Center on April 28. Please look for the permission slip in the Tuesday folder. Thank you!

8th Grade - We are finishing a project about Arkansas during the Civil War which includes analyzing photos, creating a Soldier's Scrapbook (Digital), creating a board game that recreates the Battle at Pea Ridge (with a partner), and writing analysis. After that, we will be quickly moving forward in Arkansas history to discuss the Civil Rights impact in our state.

Please check the above calendar for all of the important information regarding 8th grade's busy month of May.

Mrs. Cerna, Language Arts,

Students in both 7th and 8th grade Language Arts classes are celebrating Poetry month by experimenting with different types of poetry each week. I have read some fabulous poetry and am looking forward to enjoying more of our young people's outstanding work.

7-2 and 7-3 are currently reading Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. 7-1 is starting literature circles with different groups enjoying a variety of books from different genres.

8-1 and 8-3 have just started reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Students have already taken two tests over their assigned reading. 8-2 is reading The Great Bridge by David McCullough. Students are learning all about the process of building a suspension bridge. We will have a guest speaker from Crafton Tull on April 26. Mrs. Anna Negrete will be coming to help us understand a little more about the field of engineering and how roads, bridges, and other large projects come to life.